Contributor Information

Details on becoming a Fetch Stock artist

So you’re a photographer and want to jump on board as a contributor?

Great! We’d love to see your work.

The site launched in October 2017, and starting in April 2018 we will be accepting applications from photographers who specialize* in:

  • commercial domestic animal photography (studio and location)
  • commercial wild animal photography (studio)

(*We are looking specifically for commercial photographers who have an established client list and agency contacts.)

A few things you may care about before deciding if Fetch Stock is for you:

  1. We place utmost value in high-quality, creative imagery. The focus on the site is and always will be on quality over quantity. We require that JPEGS come from RAW files, and are free from any technical issues like blown highlights and unrecoverable shadows. Fetch Stock are not b-roll photos; they are hero photos.
  2. We require our artists to have a signed (legal), model (people), and property (places/things/pets) release on every single photo we place on the site. Each release must explicitly give the photographer permission to sell the image commercially. This is non-negotiable. We will ask you for a copy of your standard agreement(s) so we can review it before accepting your submissions.
  3. We expect our artists to be shooting regularly for new stock packs, as well as do their own pack curation and retouching.
  4. We have very high standards when it comes to retouching, so if this area isn’t your strong suit, you will want to outsource this. Every photo you place on the site will need to be retouched first. If accepted as an artist we will provide you with a list of our favorite retouchers. (The industry standard fee for retouching is $150/hour).
  5. We pay a very attractive commission rate (up to 70% commissions), but we expect you to work hard for it, and we are looking for top talent, with priority given to established commercial photographers. Along with shooting regularly for the site, we expect all of our artists to reach out to their commercial and editorial mailing list once accepted as a contributor to tell them about the site, as well as to continue to market to them regularly. We’ll ask that you share in our grassroots marketing efforts, which benefits all of us. We are passionate about building a small, boutique agency where we all share in the work and the benefits.
  6. You set your own rates. Yes, you read that right. Because Fetch Stock is in business to support agencies and photographers, we fully support your right to ask for what you deserve. You set your own prices on all of your stock photos. (Provided they are at least at or above above the site baseline.) We would never ask you to devalue your own work.
  7. We require exclusivity with regards to stock animal photography agencies. This means that in order to be an artist with Fetch Stock, you can’t have your work listed with any other stock animal photo agency. You may certainly have your work listed with Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Alamy, Offset, BigStock, Stocksy or any of the other big/general stock photo agencies. They just can’t be animal-specific.

Contributor's FAQ

Do you have to be a professional photographer to contribute?

At this time we are adding established photographers with commercial photography experience only, but in the future we may be open to adding content from non-professionals, provided the content is unique, creative and premium quality.

Do you have to be an animal/pet photographer?

At this time the focus of Fetch Stock is on animal photography, but in the future we will open the site up to non-pet content in the following categories:

  • people + lifestyle
  • kids
  • babies
  • travel
  • food
  • conceptual
  • architectural
  • automotive

Because of the dearth of low-quality stock out there in all of these categories, we will have even higher standards for non-animal content.

Don’t see your specialty listed above? Apply anyway and share it with us.

Can I have the same photos available to license elsewhere?


Our contributor agreement requires you to only place images with us that aren’t available on any other stock website, or that you would license directly to clients. We don’t have any problem with you being listed with another (non-animal specific) stock site, or licensing images to clients that aren’t on Fetch Stock, but please make sure that the content you are providing us is unique to, and that there are no similar images of yours available to clients elsewhere.

This avoids price wars, confusion among clients, frustration among other contributors (and us), and general dilution of value in the content we provide our clients. The focus of Fetch Stock is on premium content, and as such our buyers have high expectations, and we expect you to help us meet those expectations.

Is there a fee to join?


There is no fee to join, other than the time cost you invest into creating your products.

When you join as a contributor we will set you up with your own account, and you will upload and create all of your products based on pre-created product templates. We provide you with a PDF submission guide that spells out the process from creating packs to saving and uploading content, as well as what to place in the various product form-fields.

We operate on a robust, custom e-commerce platform that has extensive functionality.

You will be able to track sales from your online account, as well as be able to see what your top sellers are in each category.

Can I review the Contributor Agreement before joining?

Yes of course.

If accepted as a contributor, we will send you the Contributor Agreement for you to review prior to deciding if you’d like to be a part of the site.

Submit for consideration

Ready to submit? This is the first part in our little ‘getting to know you’ process. Don’t fret too much about it. Just tell us who you are and send us a handful of your favorite images and we’ll go from there.

You’ll hear back from us within 14 days, at which time we’ll let you know if we have any further questions or would like to add you as a contributor.

Your photography niche(s)
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