All your frequently asked questions, answered


Q: How do I find what I need?

A: If you are pressed for time, just click the search icon in the menu above and type in your keywords. You’ll get an immediate visual representation of the images that match that term.

If you have 5-10 minutes to search and browse, decide if you need multiple images or just one.

If you need multiple images, decide if you need photos for print or web. (Side note, the print pack photos can be downsized for web).

If you are in the market for cream of the crop images, take a look at either our premium packs or exclusive use images.

If you are on a really tight budget, take a look at our economy stock packs.

If all you need is a single image, take a look at our basic single image licenses.

If you need a pack of images every month to use for social media, check out our monthly 30-photo social media subscription pack.

If you need something really specific that you don’t see on the site, email us. We have thousands of photos that you don’t see here, and are happy to do complimentary art research.

Q: What if I don’t find what I need?

A: Email us!

We have many thousands of images we’ll be adding to the site slowly over time as stock packs, and are happy to do some complimentary photo research for you and create a pack with your name written all over it.


Q: How do I purchase a pack or single image license?

A: Simple. Just find the packs and/or photos that you like and click the ‘add to cart’ button. Note the cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen. When you are done adding photos click the cart icon to review your cart and check out.

Q: What if I want to purchase an option that I don’t see on the site? For example, I want an exclusive use license of one of the pack photos, or I want a print version of one of the web pack photos.

A: Just email us. We have been direct licensing to commercial and editorial clients for 12+ years and are happy to do so ‘offline’, and/or create a custom product for you that you can license directly from the website.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: All the major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX), and ACH. Note that ACH orders are placed on hold until payment has cleared.

Q: Can I purchase a subscription in the same order as stock photo packs and/or individual images?

A: Yep! You’ll see a separate section on the checkout page for subscription items. You can check out with as many products of each type as you like.


Q: Where do I download my purchased image files?

A: Fetch Stock makes this quick and easy. When you check out, after clicking the ‘pay’ button, you are automatically forwarded to your account page, where you will see big purple download buttons for each of your purchased files. All you need to do is click on those buttons and the files will download to your hard drive. Quick, easy, painless.

If you choose not to do this at the time of purchase, you can always log into your ‘My Account‘ page later at any time, where you will be able to see your recent orders and download all purchased image files.

Q: How long do I have to download my image files?

A: For all licenses but the exclusive use licenses, you have in perpetuity to download your files.

For exclusive use licenses, the license duration begins at the time of checkout, which means if you are purchasing a six month license, your window to download the files ends six months after you make the purchase. For this reason it’s important that you download the file(s) immediately.

Q: I’m purchasing a license for a client. Can I give them access to my account so they can download the files?

A: We don’t recommend sharing your username and password, as it reduces the security of your account. Instead we recommend that you download the files and then transmit them to your client using a service like WeTransfer, which is what we use to send files to all of our clients following photo shoots.

Q: How do I get my subscription product every month?

A: Your new subscription product becomes available in your account for you to download on the first of every month. Don’t think you’ll remember? Don’t worry, we’ll email you.

Payment & Pricing

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payment is due at the time you place the order, and your card is charged immediately as opposed to when you download the image. This is true for both subscriptions and regular products.

Subscription payments are automatically renewed on the first day of every month,  after which the new product becomes available in your account.

Q: Do you invoice?

A: For repeat agency clients with a proven net-30 payment track record, yes. Please reach out to team@fetchstock.com for more information. (Please note we don’t work with net-60/90/+ invoice payment terms).

Q: Can I return or exchange an image?

A: Because all Fetch Stock content is digital in nature, and available for immediate download and use, returns and exchanges are not provided.

If you have a concern about an image due to a technical or legal issue (ex: excessive noise or corporate mark requiring release), please contact team@fetchstock.com and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation.

Q: Is there a long-term contract for the subscription products? Can I cancel anytime?

A: Nope!


We dislike long-term contracts as much as you do, so if you decide you no longer need the new product every month, just log into your My Account page, navigate to the subscription area and click the cancel button. It’s as easy as that.


Q: What kind of licenses do you provide?

A: We provide five different license subtypes:

  • Web
  • Print
  • Premium
  • Exclusive use
  • Editorial use


All Fetch Stock licenses are Royalty-Free, and include:

  • unrestricted licensing
  • unlimited impressions
  • unlimited placement (by single end user)
  • commercial (excepting ‘Editorial use’ images), editorial and/or personal use
  • perpetuity license duration (with the exception of the Exclusive Use Licenses. See below).
  • no restrictions on geographic usage or distribution
  • 250,000 quantity cap for printed products/packaging (contact us if you need to print larger quantities)


WEB stock licenses (which include Social Media licenses) allow the Licensee to use the images in any low-res and/or web capacity (website, digital advertising, online marketing, social media, email newsletters etc), but do not permit printing at any size. Images come as 72dpi jpegs, either 1200 x 800 pixels (non-economy web packs and single web images), 544 x 800 pixels (economy packs), or 1080 x 1080 pixels  (social media monthly subscription packs). Licenses are royalty-free in perpetuity, and apply to all images in a pack.

PRINT stock licenses allow the Licensee all of the above, as well as up to 250,000 copies in print in any size at any dpi the print medium calls for. (Ex: 600dpi, 300dpi, or 250dpi, or 100dpi). Images come as 300dpi high-res JPEGs that can be downsized to use for web. Print License files can be printed only to the maximum size of the file provided, between 9″ x 12″ and 12″ x 18″ for most files. (All Print License files will print to at least 9″ x 12″ @ 300dpi).  Licensee’s may not up-sample files with a Print License. If you have a question about the print size of a specific file that’s included in a stock pack, please get in touch with us before purchasing, and we can let you know what the print size is. (See Premium and Exclusive Use Licenses below for license rights that grant permission to increase the file’s print size). Licenses are royalty-free in perpetuity, and apply to all images in a pack.

PREMIUM stock licenses are the same as print and web, but are our very top quality hero images. Licensees are also permitted to up-sample and/or increase the print size of a Premium License above what is provided by Fetch Stock, provided that doing so does not noticeably degrade the quality of the printed image. Licenses are royalty-free in perpetuity, and apply to all images in a pack.

All three of the above licenses are non-exclusive, which means an unlimited number of different companies and/or individuals can download and use the images. This is different from the Exclusive Use license (below).

EXCLUSIVE USE licenses are single image licenses that include all of the rights in web, print and premium above, but have more flexibility, as they don’t have the print cap or editorial/web credit requirement. They are also limited to a single end user for the duration of that licensing period. As soon as they are purchased the ‘active license period’ begins, and the images disappear from the site until the licensing period expires, at which time we place them back on the site for others to license.

EDITORIAL USE licenses are images that may be used for educational/news purposes only, such as may be used in truthful newspaper and/or magazine articles, on blogs or non-profit websites, documentary projects, or in a non-commercial presentation, for descriptive, illustrative or educational purposes. All images may be used for editorial use, but images tagged with ‘Editorial use only’ may not be used for any commercial advertising, advertorial, endorsement, promotional use or merchandising purposes. Editorial Use images generally do not come with model or property releases, and Licensee assumes full liability for their use.

Please read the full Licensing Agreement to familiarize yourself with what you can and can’t do with Fetch Stock images in each license category.

Q: How many users is a single license good for?

A: A single license is good for a single end user, or an agency to use for a single subcontractor/client.

For example:

You work for an ad/design agency and have three different clients/brands that would like to use the same image or image pack. You would need to purchase three separate licenses for those three different end users. Note: one pack is considered one license. You can purchase multiples of the same product in a single order.

(Fetch Stock doesn’t have multi-seat licenses available.)

Q: What is the Exclusive Use License?

A: The Exclusive Use License options are perfect for clients who need high quality images that are unique to their business, without paying the tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars needed to produce a custom photo shoot.

Exclusive use licenses are available for durations from six months to three years, and during the license no other company is able to use the image.

Licensees are able to renew exclusive use licenses by paying for extensions prior to license expiration, which prevents us from placing the image back on the website for others to license. (Please note that the license ends on the final date of the licensing duration if a license extension hasn’t been purchased. There is no grace period. Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of advance notice so this doesn’t happen).

If you see another photo on the site that isn’t in the exclusive use category that you’d like to license exclusively let us know and we can pull it for you.

And if you’d like to license an image for more than three years, or are would like to know if it’s available for full buyout, drop us a line and we’d be happy to help.

Q: My print run is greater than 250,000 copies. Can I get an extended or unlimited print run license?

A: Yes, certainly. Reach out to team@fetchstock.com and let us know what your print run is and we’ll send you a quote for that number. If you accept we’ll create a custom product for you that you can license from the site.

Q: I want to make mugs/t-shirts/greeting cards/mousepads/other products that feature the Fetch Stock photos as the primary design element. Can I do that?

A: Incorporating the Licensed Material into merchandise or products for distribution and/or sale is prohibited in our Licensing Agreement, however we do make some exceptions, like for greeting cards and calendars. Please contact team@fetchstock.com and tell us about your project.

Q: Will you hold (remove from the site) an Exclusive Use image if I promise to pay for it later? Like if you invoice me?

A: Unfortunately no. Exclusive Use license subtypes are first-come, first-served, and we don’t invoice for those.

Q: What is the license on the subscription products?

A: The license is the same as whatever product subtype the subscription product belongs to (web or print). The subscription product itself will have the license summary on the product page.


Q: Do the photos on the site have releases?

A: Yes, all of the photos on fetchstock.com have corresponding model and/or property releases.

Q: Does Fetch Stock provide watermark-free comp images?

A: We do to established agency clients, yes. Please email team@fetchstock.com to get set up with this benefit.

Q: Will the images I purchase and download have the Fetch Stock watermark on them?

A: No. They will not have any kind of watermark on them, and will be ready-to-use.

Q: I have a theme idea for a new stock pack. Do you take suggestions and how can I share my idea with you?

A: We love hearing our customer’s ideas, so yes, absolutely!

Although we don’t shoot on spec, we do shoots every month to create new stock packs for the site, and are always open to suggestions, especially the most creative/marketable themes and ideas.

Please send us an email, detailing what you’d like to see. With any luck it will get added to the site in the future. To make sure you don’t miss the notification, be sure to sign up for our mailing list, where we announce new packs every month.