Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases Bundle

Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases Bundle


The Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases Bundle includes:

  • Bid Terms & Conditions (‘commercial photography contract’)
  • Change order
  • Call sheet
  • Model releases (adult and minor in word, pages and PDF versions)

The Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases Bundle includes documents and contracts you need in order to successfully and effectively work with commercial clients and models.

The Bid Terms & Conditions functions as your legal agreement (e.g. 'commercial photography contract') when attached to a bid or estimate, and communicates expectations, outlines legal obligations on both sides, covers payment, additional expenses, indemnity, copyright, product rejection, cancellation fees, and more.

The change order form is what you need to protect yourself from cost overages on shoots when clients add additional requests at the last minute and/or on shoot days. The change order form outlines additional request and costs.

The call sheet is what you (or your producer) use to organize the team's schedule each day, so everyone knows where and when to meet, along with any special details they need to know for shoot days.

The model releases (adult and minor) will come in handy when working with adult and minor models. They can be copied into an electronic model release app or printed and used as paper copies.

All documents were created by a commercial photographer with 15 years of experience, and reviewed by an IP attorney.


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