Jack Russell Terrier mix smiling and running in green grass- EXCLUSIVE USE

Jack Russell Terrier mix smiling and running in green grass- EXCLUSIVE USE

Fetch_Stock_SIE3517 exclusive use royalty free stock photo as 2912 x 4368 300dpi retouched JPEG

Fetch_Stock_SIE3517- Jack Russell Terrier Mix

An exclusive use license of a premium image. The next best thing to a custom photo session, minus all of the production and photography expenses.

With an available quantity of one, after you purchase this license, the product availability will go to 'out of stock' for the license duration that you purchase (one-five years), during which time you will be the only company who can legally use the image commercially.

Licenses can be extended past their original license duration if payment for the extension is received PRIOR TO the license expiration. At the end of the licensing period the image is placed back on the site for others to license.

Product information: 2912 x 4368 300dpi retouched JPEG file.

EXCLUSIVE USE License Summary:

Exclusive Use stock licenses allow the Licensee an exclusive license to use the image for the licensing period Licensee has purchased.

Licensee has an unrestricted, royalty-free license to use the image for any web and/or social media use, as well as an unlimited number of printed copies in any size.

Licensees are also permitted to up-sample and/or increase the print size of a Exclusive Use License above what is provided by Fetch Stock, provided that doing so does not noticeably degrade the quality of the printed image. Licenses are royalty-free in perpetuity, and photo credit is not required for this license type regardless of use.

Please refer to the Fetch Stock Licensing Agreement for full licensing rights and restrictions.

License Duration

6 month license, 1 year license, 2 year license, 3 year license